Sony creates its own original show just for PlayStation


Welcome to the original-content game, PlayStation. Sony’s PlayStation Network, which has offered movies and TV shows to rent and buy on its consoles since 2006, is joining the growing ranks of digital platforms producing original content with the launch of Powers. The hour-long television series is an adaptation of a graphic-novel series about detectives who investigate crimes committed by supernatural beings. Their mission: to protect humans from super-powered beings who don’t exactly act like heroes.

Sony has announced that it is developing original TV shows for the PlayStation video game console. The first show, Powers, will be based on a graphic novel about a detective dealing with a world full of people with God-like powers. Sony’s TV division is producing the show which, according to Deadline Hollywood, was being considered for FX. The move makes the PlayStation the latest in an increasingly crowded field of what are essentially tech companies moving into original production. Netflix NFLX +1.45% was, of course, the first to break the mold with House of Cards.Amazon has since gotten into the game with its own slate of comedies and dramas, as has Hulu.


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