Samsung’s new ultra-sonic case can help blind people see


Samsung has unveiled a trio of new tools to help blind people make their way through the world with its Galaxy Core Advance smartphone. The three accessibility tools – Ultrasonic Cover, Optical Scan Stand and Voice Label – are designed to be affordable add-ons for the Core Advance. The Ultrasonic Cover helps users navigate while walking around. The device is held out in front of the user, and gives feedback – either by vibration in the handset or text-to-speech – when an object is in their path.

Samsung has released three new assistive technology accessories for its Galaxy Core Advance smartphone designed to be used by people with disabilities and visual impairments. The South Korean giant says it developed the tools — a cover that can help users avoid obstacles, a text-reading stand, and a voice label — after conducting “in-depth interviews” with disabled and visually-impaired people. The new Ultrasonic Cover slips around the outer edges of the Galaxy Core Advance. Samsung says it can guide its user around unfamiliar areas by sensing the presence of people or obstacles up to two meters away and providing warnings through small vibrations or audio cues. The Optical Scan Stand can detect, scan, and read text on paper placed below it out loud, while the Voice Label can connect with the Galaxy Core Advance, letting users record notes and descriptions.

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