Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will be coming to Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile


Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile have thrown their names into the Samsung Galaxy S5 hat. The two prepaid Sprint brands on Friday announced intentions to carry the flagship device in the second quarter of the year. Neither carrier was ready to disclose a price or specific date. Historically, high profile devices such as the Galaxy S series take a few months to trickle down to the prepaid brands. 

Long gone are the days of prepaid carriers being stuck with low-end smartphones. Need proof? That’s easy: Sprint has announced that both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile will carry Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in the second quarter of the year, or sometime around the worldwide launch in April. Neither wireless brand is giving out prices at this stage, although it’s safe to presume that the brand new, Spark-compatible flagship will carry a premium. Even so, its presence should be welcome to Boost and Virgin customers who’ve had to go without high-end Galaxies.

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