Samsung to release security-focused printing apps for Android devices


Does anyone actually cable up to a printer anymore? Not if they’re kitted out wit hGoogle Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, or Samsung’s new alternative: Samsung Cloud Print. The service will launch with an Android app in June, followed by an iOS version in the second half of the year and possibly a Smart TV app at some point too, and all the apps will come with a number of promises about security. 

Samsung unveiled its new Samsung Cloud Print solution at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, Germany, one which will target SMBs specifically; the 2014 will be the year of SMB solutions for the electronics giant. The new service is compatible with Samsung’s own security solution, KNOX, which received a signifcant upgrade at MWC 2014 a couple of weeks ago. Cloud Print aims to offer an extensive mobile cloud printing solution to business users both in the office and out of it. At its core is Samsung’s Cloud Print app, which is likely to replace its Mobile Print app, and will support up to 20 printers (not sure how many SMBs have that many printers on premises).

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