Samsung teases the Galaxy S5 at the Oscars


Don’t expect to learn anything new from it, as it’s just a teaser, but you can watch above the 30-second TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy S5 shown during the Oscars. The ad was clearly put together especially for the event, with an awards theme. Samsung was one of the main sponsors of the award ceremony, but it was a tweeted photo taken by Ellen DeGeneres on a Galaxy Note 3 that probably generated the more valuable publicity for the company, with over 2.5M retweets.

In case you hadn’t heard, Samsung’s newest phone is coming. At the Oscars, theGalaxy S5 just got a huge shot of publicity, both in a 30-second ad segment and the not-so-casual presence of its big bro, the Note 3, throughout the award ceremony. We hope you like Hollywood stars and selfies, because Ellen’s going to be tweeting a whole lot of them. That’s your sponsorship dollars at work, Samsung, even if DeGeneres apparently switched back to an iPhone backstage.

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