Samsung releases Tizen SDK for wearable devices


Google’s wearables SDK is supposed to launch sometime next week, and it will mark the launch of a new Android-based platform that Google hopes will take over the wearables market the way that Android captured the smartphone market. The difference this time is that Google won’t have the biggest Android OEM in its corner: Samsung is going out on its own. Well, the company is at least dipping its toe in the “going out on its own” pool. 

Samsung is looking to prime the app pump for its Gear smartwatches, wearable devices as well as its Tizen operating system. The company on Monday said that it has launched a Tizen Software Developer Kit for wearables. The SDK is designed to make it easier for developers to create apps for smartwatches. For developers, however, it may be a case of show them the money. First, Tizen is a new platform—at least in terms of critical mass—so it’s not like a developer can piggyback on Android or iOS. In a statement, Samsung said it “continues to focus on shaping the future of the wearable technology as well as expanding more possibilities for app developers, partners, and consumers.” Samsung’s Gear and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches revolve around fitness, shopping, social media and news.

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