Samsung accidentally confirms existence of Galaxy Tab 4


Although the Galaxy Tab 4 did not make its debut at Mobile World Congress, the next-generation tablet seems to have been confirmed by Samsung unintentionally in a recent advertisement. Planete Galaxy came across an ad which lists all 20 devices that will be compatible with the upcoming Gear Fit, and at the end of the list is the unannounced Galaxy Tab 4. The tablet listing highlights three different sized models: 10.1-inch, 8-inch, and 7-inch. r an official reveal in the near future.

Samsung was heavily rumoured to launch the Galaxy Tab 4 line at the Mobile World Congress last week, but the manufacturer decided to focus instead on wearables. The decision seemed to have paid off, as the Gear Fit was awarded the “Best Mobile Device” at the MWC. Samsung stated during the announcement of the Gear Fit that the device would be compatible with over 20 different Galaxy devices. While that indicates that the Gear Fit will work with most Samsung devices currently available, one of the devices listed in the image mention the Galaxy Tab 4. The image mentions that the Gear Fit can sync to the Galaxy Tab (10.1/8.0/7.0). In doing so, not only has Samsung unwittingly confirmed the existence of the Galaxy Tab 4, but has also confirmed that the tablets would come in three variants.

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