Raspberry Pi now comes with a Wolfson audio card


The Raspberry Pi developer board has turned out to be a very popular device for DIY users. The Pi can be used for just about any project that the user can think up. Element 14 has announced that it has a new accessory for the Raspberry Pi available in the form of a new Wolfson audio card. The audio card is designed to be compatible with Pis that use the P5 pads. These pads are only found on the Revision 2 Raspberry Pi and later. 

When UK Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech at CeBIT this year, what examples did he use to highlight tech innovation in Britain? Yes, ARM and Imagination were on his list, but he also referred to the tiny, Linux-based computer called Raspberry Pi, which has now sold over 2.5 million units. In a timely fashion, the Pi’s makers, element 14, have just announced a new $33,Wolfson-powered audio card that should give the device a broader range of functions. The add-on board fits right onto the Pi’s P5 pins and carries a Wolfson audio processor that supports high-res audio up to 24-bit / 192KHz, which can be played via a direct connection to an amp over 3.5mm line-out or alternatively via a digital S/PDIF output.

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