Omlet chat app gives users unprecedented control of their data


Omlet Chat, the world’s first open mobile sharing and collaboration platform, launched at the SXSW Accelerator competition. Omlet’s core technology is a first-of-its-kind chatting and distributed social network platform that lets users own their data in their designated cloud repositories. Omlet’s open standard platform brings together communities, app developers, cloud services, and OEMs to create a new crowdsourcing ecosystem.

The bright minds at Stanford who created Omlet have a different idea about how communicating — and more importantly, the data that goes along with communication — should be handled these days. Given the recent purchase of WhatsApp byFacebook, the content and conversations taking place in the digital realm are obviously no laughing mater in the eyes of big internet companies. Omlet’s goal seems to be one of participating just like other social networks and chat services, yet giving users a choice in where the content they create is stored, controlled and monetized. Created by Stanford Professor Monica Lam, along with several of her PhD students, Omlet decentralizes the location of the content that inevitably becomes part of the conversation and gives users a choice of where they store those images, videos or other content.

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