New RAT malware package for Android can take pictures, record audio, and more


Remote Access Toolkits, more commonly called RAT malware, provide hackers with access to compromised systems, and in the case of Dendroid, to one’s Android mobile. In addition to providing a variety of spying options, the maker says it will get into Google Play without detection. This particular RAT targets users in Western countries and can do things like enable audio recording, take photos with the infected device’s camera, record videos, pull pictures from the device, send text messages from an infected smartphone, record call audio, and other such massive invasions of privacy.

An easy to use new “Remote Administration Tool” malware package for Android offers to infect users, steal their photos and text messages, secretly capture audio or video, record their calls, download their web browser history and steal their email, Facebook and VPN account information. The practice of selling such a malware package targeting Android is so common it has a pet name among security researchers: an “Android RAT,” for Remote Administration Tool. However, the latest RAT is raising eyebrows in the security community because of its low cost (just $300 for unlimited use, paid for via untraceable currencies such as Bitcoin) and its ability to sneak past Google’s automated malware scanner in the Google Play app market, where legitimate appearing, RAT-infected apps can hide out undetected.


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