Google Naps parody app helps you find the best places to sleep


Google Naps is a new service that allows tired users to find a place to sleep nearby by leveraging the power of Google’s Google Maps product. Unfortunately, it’s also a parody service that only leverages the power of Google Maps for some good fun. Google Naps will geo-locate napping spots for you automatically, as it assumes you’re browsing for places to take a nap in. The service will also let you add napping places of your own, so other tired Internet users can easily find them.

Dear Google, please don’t sue the guys who built this adorable Google Maps parody. Following on today’s theme of laziness, two men from the Netherlands named Kakhiel and Venour have developed a smart little tool to help you find the nearest nap. Meet, Google Naps. Of course, this is just a parody app, according to the developers who posted an adorable disclaimer right within the webapp directly to Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Googlers everywhere. The site looks and feels almost identical to Google Maps, but instead lets users mark their favorite outdoor napping spots like bridges, benches, and open fields.

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