Google and Facebook accounts to be blocked from accessing Yahoo services


Yahoo, Google, Facebook: these are some of the big names of the tech industry and not necessarily friends with one another. Yahoo and Google provide similar services that compete against one another, and Facebook’s own service is a competition of Google’s Google+ to a certain extent. That being said, all three have somewhat managed to co-exist with one another peacefully, at least until a recent change that Yahoo will be making in which future access to Yahoo’s products/services will require you to sign in with a Yahoo account. 

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is transforming her company, one product at a time. But if you want to use those products, you’ll need a Yahoo sign-in. According to Reuters, Yahoo will begin removing the option to sign into any of Yahoo’s services with a Facebook or Google account, both options which have been available for years. Starting with “Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick ‘Em,” a fantasy college basketball service, the company says it will eventually remove Facebook and Google sign-in buttons from all its products. While we’re not quite sure what Yahoo’s exact justifications are for the move or how many users might  find themselves needing a new identity, the company presumably believes that its services are now attractive enough that Facebook and Google account holders can be compelled to switch — or at least that those who might turn their back on Yahoo now aren’t as valuable as those who stay. 

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