Google adds Chromecast support to the Chrome browser for Android


Want to stream any web video from your smartphone to your Chromecast? Grab the beta release of Chrome 34 for Android. The browser includes experimental support for sending embedded clips to Google’s media stick, saving you from launching a native app just to watch something on a TV. As you’d expect, there are some compatibility hiccups at this early stage.

Google is adding Chromecast support to the Chrome browser for Android. That means in addition to streaming video to your TV from apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus, you can now visit websites using your Android phone or tablet and if you find an embedded video there’s a decent chance you’ll be able to send it to your TV. This can also come in handy for web video sites that don’t have Android apps. As of early March, 2014 this appears to be an experimental feature. You’ll need to install Chrome Beta and enable the “experimental Chromecast support” flag by typing “chrome://flags/” into your location bar (without the quotes) and scrolling down until you see the option to enable the feature.

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