FreedomPop Privacy Phone features built-in VPN and encrypting


Just how secure do you think your smartphone is? After all, we can never quite tell just what the government is up to these days, and FreedomPop, one of the fastest growing mobile service companies in the US today, has announced the new FreedomPop Privacy Phone that will feature built in VPN, anonymous voice as well as payment by Bitcoin, now how about that? TheFreedomPop Privacy Phone is touted to be the only smartphone as well as mobile service that enables encrypted communications. 

Want to protect your phone calls and data from the feds, hackers, and other snoops? FreedomPop’s new Privacy Phone promises to do just that. Nicknamed the “Snowden phone” after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the phone is actually a Samsung Galaxy S2 that FreedomPop rejiggered into a call- and data-encrypting device. Equipped with 128-bit encryption, the phone aims to secure your voice calls and text messages. A built-in virtual private network lets you surf the Web anonymously. Selling now for $189, the Privacy Phone comes with unlimited voice and texting. FreedomPop throws in 50MB of monthly data access for the first three months and then charges $10 a month after that. Users can pay for the phone anonymously via Bitcoin and request a new phone number as often as they want.

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