Flyby app allows you to attach digital messages to real-world objects


For those who don’t know, Project Tango is a Google-built prototype smartphone jam packed with Kinect-like 3D sensors and components. One of Mountain View’s software partners involved in the project, FlyBy Media, has built what it’s calling the first consumer app capable of utilizing Tango’s image recognition skills to… chat with friends. Dubbed FlyBy, the app allows users to share text and videos messages by attaching them to a real-world object; like a menu at your favorite restaurant or collectible from your honeymoon.

Flyby, a new messaging application that lets you share text and recorded videos attached to objects in the real world, is the first consumer-facing app to use the image recognition capabilities found in Google’s “Project Tango.” That project, for those unfamiliar, involves an Android-based phone with advanced 3D sensors that’s capable of building visual maps of the world around it. Flyby Media is the vision-based software partner for “Project Tango.” And that same IP is now being built into this Flyby application for broader consumer use.

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