First generation YotaPhone comes to the U.K.


Do you have fond memories of the first YotaPhone? That particular device arrived with dual 4.3″ displays, where a 720p LCD screen was located in front, while the back had an e-Ink screen with 200ppi density. Well, the second YotaPhone had been announced at Mobile World Congress in February this year as expected, sporting far superior hardware specifications as expected. We have word that the YotaPhone is now available for purchase in the UK at £419 pop.

The dual-screen Android-powered e-ink hybrid YotaPhone smartphone, which bites its thumb at those that say there’s nothing new in smartphone hardware, has gone on sale in the U.K. The device is available to buy via Yota Device’s online store on its website – costing £419 to U.K. buyers (which, incidentally, makes it a tenner cheaper than the new 8GB iPhone 5c). The YotaPhone handset sets itself apart from the ranks of identikit slab-shaped Android smartphones by having an e-ink screen on its rear that users can send content to for powerless display or easier-on-the-eye reading. Its 4.3-inch main pane is a full-touch, 720 x 1280 colour LCD but that’s just the half of this handset. On the rear it’s 4.3-inch monochrome e-ink screen, used in conjunction with the frontal LCD, supports new types of usage for a smartphone.

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