Facebook to build a second data center, this time in Sweden


Facebook announced plans to build a second data center at its Luleå, Sweden, site, using its latest data center design concept which the company expects will enable it to expand capacity twice as fast as it does currently. The design is also meant to work in any location. The company’s first Luleå data center came online in 2012. This was its first data center outside of the US.

Say what you want about Facebook’s latest News Feed revamp, but the world’s largest social network is quite remarkable in the way it manages data. Sure, some of the ways information is displayed and to whom might come off as creepy once in a while. But the Menlo Park, Calif.-headquartered operation has an incredibly complex infrastructure working behind the scenes, much of which was built in-house. That includes the datacenters where all of this magic happens. Facebook has four datacenters worldwide, including one in Sweden that is being expanded at the moment.

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