Cadillac allegedly unwilling to implement Apple’s new CarPlay


Cadillac is allegedly unwilling to join Apple’s new CarPlay insurrection. The automaker has reportedly signed on to use Siri Eyes Free in its CUE infotainment system in 2015 models, however, the company is much more hesitant about CarPlay. The automaker presumably doesn’t feel comfortable with Apple dominating the dashboard, and instead wants drivers to prefer its own in-house CUE system. 

Cadillac will add Siri Eyes Free support to its CUE infotainment system later this year, but still shows no signs of jumping on the Apple CarPlay bandwagon, seemingly reluctant to allow iOS a foothold on the dashboard. The new version, which will be offered on 2015 Cadillacs from midway through this year, will also include text-to-speech. That will allow smartphones – not just the iPhone – that support the Bluetooth MAP profile to read out incoming text messages through the infotainment unit. Meanwhile, preset responses can be sent back, though they can only be created while the car is in park.

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