British e-commerce analytics startup Ometria raises $1.5 million


E-commerce analytics company Ometria has secured $1.5m seed funding from a group of high-profile investors and entrepreneurs. Founded in February 2013, Mayfair-based Ometria operates a real-time platform targeted at online retailers which provides insights and analytics to help e-commerce businesses “boost customer loyalty and maximise performance”, and can be integrated with most e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify.

The UK’s Ometria is another startup that wants to help online retailers make better use of data, and, in turn, compete harder with larger, more data-driven players in the market. It offers an e-commerce “intelligence” platform that provides retailers with insights relating to customer behaviour and product performance and enables them to take subsequent actions — all in the name of attracting the right customers and boosting loyalty for existing ones, and shifting more product of course. The London headquartered company is disclosing a $1.5 million seed round today from a large group of angel investors — I count 16 in total. And while it’s tempting to call this a party round, with no obvious lead investor, it’s hard to argue that this is anything other than an impressive list of entrepreneur-backers from the e-commerce, retail and SaaS worlds.

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