Facebook Messenger finally come to Windows Phones


Windows Phone users can now download Facebook Messenger. Already available for iOS and Android devices, the social network’s dedicated chat app is now nestled in the Windows Phone Store. A spinoff of the full Facebook mobile app, Facebook Messenger lets you chat with one of more of your friends, share your location, and enhance your chats with pictures and stickers. At last week’s Mobile World Congress, Microsoft announced thatFacebook Messenger would soon land on Windows Phone.

For those of you who are rocking to the Windows Phone platform and cannot get enough of Facebook, here is some good news for you – Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone has finally arrived, where it will offer users the comfort of seeing Facebook’s familiar chat experience, albeit on a far smaller screen this time around compared to your desktop computer or notebook. Some of the features that will come with Facebook Messenger for Windows would include group conversations, photo sharing and stickers, of course. Do bear in mind, however, that there are some missing features in this particular first revision. Not only that, you will not enjoy any kind of voice messaging options, while there will be no chat heads hanging around which allows you to quickly alternate between active discussions. 


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