ZTE announces a new 6-inch Android phone and a Firefox OS device


Practicing the art of saying something about nothing, ZTE has announced what it will be announcing at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Spain next week. Included in this list is a brand new phablet as well as the latest iteration of its custom Android interface. At the top of the list is the ZTE Grand Memo II LTE. Not much else has been said of this smartphone except that it will be a 6-inch giant and, judging by the name, will have LTE support. 

It’s not unusual for companies to pre-announce stuff that they’re going to announce at trade shows, and let’s face it — ZTE does it more frequently than most of its competition. The company just sent out word that we can expect at least two new devices in just a little under a week from now: the Grand Memo II LTE with a 6-inch screen, and a smartphone called the Open C, which will run Firefox OS 1.3. It also made mention of a new version of its MiFavor UI, which likely will debut on at least one or more Android devices at the show. Sadly, ZTE leaves a lot to the imagination for now, but it gives us at least a little bit to chew on for the moment.

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