Wholefood partners with payments services company Square


A year and a half after debuting a massive partnership with Starbucks, payments company Square is announcing its next big, in-store retail deal: Whole Foods. When Square debuted Stand last year, the assumption was that this high-powered hardware and software play would help attract large retailers. Clearly, this is a sign that this strategy is working.

Payments services company Square on Tuesday announced a new partnership with Whole Foods Market that will see the rollout of iPad-based Square Stands at select grocery store locations nationwide. The Whole Foods deal is Square’s second such partnership with a major retailer and comes a year and a half after the company signed on with Starbucks to deliver a similar system in 2012.  As part of the tie-up, Whole Foods will deploy Square Stands at ready-to-eat food kiosks in select stores, offering customers a quick and easy alternative to traditional checkout lines. 

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