Vodafone unveils its new mobile “network in a backpack”


The Vodafone Foundation, Vodafone’s social investments arm, has taken the wraps off Instant Network Mini, an 11kg mobile “network in a backpack” that the global mobile operator says can be deployed in just 10 minutes, helping aid workers carry out crucial work in disaster situations. The product is a robust backpack that can be taken as hand luggage on commercial flights and deployed by non-technical staff, the company says in a statement. 

Disasters can come upon us in the blink of an eye without us knowing any better. Take volcanic eruptions for instance – that, as well as a tsunami or an earthquake could just happen in a split second without any prior notice, leading to untold loss of lives as well as damage to property. In the event of a natural disaster, setting up a communications line is extremely important, and Vodafone knows this. Which is why the carrier’s philanthropic arm, Vodafone Foundation, has introduced a mobile network in a backpack format which tips the scales at 24-pounds. Known as the Instant Network Mini, it might be small in size, but huge on performance.

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