Valve now lets users integrate their music into Steam with Steam Music


Valve has unveiled more details for upcoming new feature Steam Music, which will allow Steam users to integrate their music collections into their Steam Library. According to the announcement, Steam Music users will be able to browse their collection in Album and Artist views once they have linked their local music directory with Steam. 

Remember Software on Steam? No? That’s because the initiative didn’t quite explode in popularity like Valve would’ve hoped. The most notable additions to Steam’s Software library are the countless GameMaker and RPG Maker iterations that flood the category. Now, Valve is moving its efforts to a new non-gaming initiative, Steam Music, but it’s being handled differently than Steam Software. Probably for the better. Instead of having a store stuffed full of music you can purchase on Steam, Valve’s new program will scrape your local music libraries and add them to one cohesive library within Steam. 

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