Titanfall open-beta comes to the Xbox One and PC


Titanfall could very well be the most important game in years, and it’s not even out yet. That fact is made all the clearer by the frenzy Xbox One owners have gone into to get beta codes this weekend. As a way of better stress testing the game before launch, Respawn Entertainment is opening up the beta to all Xbox One owners, and PC gamers may not be far behind.

Respawn Entertainment is opening up the current Titanfall multiplayer beta test to all Xbox One users, in part to better stress test the game under load and in an attempt to appease players who didn’t get into the closed beta test, the developer announced today. “We have limited server capacity for the beta, but would be good to hit that ceiling,” Respawn founder Vince Zampella tweeted on Saturday evening. He later tweeted, “Ok, just heard from [Respawn programmer Jon Shiring]. His words are ‘Let’s break it’, so the plan is to make the beta fully open and have you max stress it! “All the switches need to be flipped, and there are probably lots! It will take some number of time units to do it all!”

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