Sony sells its new waterproof MP3 player inside a bottle of water


If those ads showing swimmers rocking Sony’s new Walkman haven’t convinced you it’s really waterproof, then get this: you can buy one packaged inside a full bottle of water. “The Bottled Walkman” is currently being sold from vending machines across New Zealand in places like gyms, right beside neon-blue bottles of Gatorade. The idea behind the promotion is to get the device out of electronics stores and into the places target customers actually hang out. 

What does a company do to convince potential customers that its product is genuinely waterproof? Well, aside from saying so on the packaging, it can sell the product already immersed inside a bottle of water. Though the device itself was launched a while ago, Sony turned to Auckland-based ad agency DraftFCB to help market the product in New Zealand. And so they came up with the Bottled Walkman, which is sold from vending machines in public places such as gyms. Check out the demo video for yourself.

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