Snippit app lets you attach music clips to your picture messages


If you’ve ever taken a snapshot and wanted to pair it with the perfect song to fit the moment, Snippit is a new app that will let you do just that, and then share the combination with your friends. It gives you a fun way to really communicate the moment with others, and discover new music at the same time. The app lets you take a snapshot and then select a song from your iTunes library to pair it with.

Snippit is a just-launched app offering a twist on photo-sharing. The idea is pretty straightforward — instead of sharing a photo on its own, Snippit allows users to add a 4-to 10-second clip of their favorite song. The song can be something that’s downloaded on their phone, or they can select from the 30-second song previews that are available on iTunes (yep — a clip of a clip). And they can also add text captions, location check ins, and tag friends.

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