Researchers create lithium ion batter that doesn’t explode or catch on fire


You might have come across stories of phones catching fire, possibly due to its lithium-ion battery, and some more famous lithium-ion battery problems include Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner which has been grounded several times due to issues with its battery. Well the good news is that thanks to researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, flammable lithium-ion batteries could soon be made a thing of the past.

We read regularly about that epic moment in a smartphone owner’s life, the device explodes in a pocket, or while charging. Sometimes, these incidents cause serious damage to property or harm to the user. There are a number of reasons why these things happen, not the least of which is user negligence. However, lithium-ion batteries are highly flammable and these incidents are not limited to smartphones or other consumer electronics. Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner aircraft have been grounded several times over the past year due to problems with that aircraft’s lithium-ion battery packs. Given the other efficiencies the Li-ion batteries offer however, they are here to stay.

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