Renault concept car would include your own personal flying drone


Renault has dreamed up a concept car that would include a “flying companion” in the form of a quadrocopter. The tiny drone would launch from a special compartment in the car’s roof. Should the concept every become reality, the drone could be controlled manually via a tablet or be set to fly autonomously to pre-determined GPS waypoints, presumably matching your driving speed. 

Forget taco-copters or same-day shipping — drones are the perfect companion for off-roaders. They can scout locations, keep tabs on terrain, and when you’re back on paved roads, give you a heads up about that tool that flipped his pickup on your morning commute. And that’s exactly what the Renault Kwid concept is promising. The French automaker is looking to get back into the Indian market, where high-riding compact crossovers are the norm, and the Kwid is Renault’s attempt at getting up-and-coming younger buyers into the fold. 

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