Owners of Nokia’s Android smartphone might get access to Google Play apps


Even though the Nokia X trio of Android handsets actually runs a forked Android version that looks more like Windows Phone than Google’s famous mobile OS – and their OS are completely stripped off any Google apps including the Play Store – there’s actually hope that users will be able to run Android apps from Google’s app store in addition to Nokia’s store and all the other third-party supported application stores.

The Nokia X is the first Nokia Android smartphone, but it looks more like an Asha phone or a Windows Phone device with its tile-based interface and Fastlane notification aggregator. That’s hardly a surprise – Nokia actually “forked” Android doing this, much like Amazon does with its Kindles, so that the X series can be a gateway to Microsoft cloud, not Google’s. Yet, while the Nokia X does not support Google Play, this being an Android, you can still easily sideload any Android app via an APK. APK is the file format for Android applications that you can get from various 

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