OpenX launches first global exchange for bidding on mobile advertising


Ad tech leader OpenX today announced Native O|X, a new ad exchange with an unprecedented combination of several of the most popular trends in the industry: mobile-first, real-time bidding and native advertising. While the new offering might sound like a pile of buzzwords to those outside the advertising space, Native O|X represents a natural next step for OpenX and the industry. 

OpenX Technologies is launching a mobile-focused native ad exchange today that it says will help app and game developers and publishers make a lot more money. In an event at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, mobile monetization firm OpenX is unveiling Native O|X. The exchange uses a number of buzz words that are popular with major mobile advertising efforts these days: real-time bidding, programmatic buying, and native ads. This basically means that the system can automatically insert ads into content, such as an app or a game, in a really fast way and in a way that makes contextual sense. So-called “native” ads are more contextual, fitting in with a particular application where it makes sense.

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