LG wants to patent a smartwatch-stylus combination


We’re not sure how many of you guys actually remember this, but back in the day, there were these toys/accessories that kids would wear. It was a strap that when you slapped onto your wrist, it would immediately curl up and form a bracelet. It was a pretty fun thing to do back then although we’re not sure if kids these days might appreciate it. That being said, perhaps LG might be interested in bringing it back to the modern day, thanks to a recent patent which revealed a possible plan for LG’s smartwatch.

Over the next few months, we fully expect every major hardware manufacturer to enter into the wearable market at some point or another. Maybe that’s why we weren’t a bit surprised to find an LG patent for a hypothetical smartwatch. While yet another smartwatch might not sound too intriguing, it’s LG’s design that really grabbed our attention. Remember those old slap bracelets of yore? The ones that were all the rage in the early 90′s? Well, it appears LG could be trying to bring them back with their latest smartwatch concept. The patent application shows an everyday smartwatch that attaches to the user by wrapping around the wrist.

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