Klout now teaches you how to become more influential on social networks


Klout is moving beyond scoring your influence to helping you generate original content. Sanjay Desai, Klout’s Chief Product Officer, told The Next Web that four tags that will be displayed to highlight fresh content. Klout has also added a Create section, which is similar to a news feed, a thumbs up/down feature, a compose message feature for pushing original content out to social networks like Facebook, and has eliminated the add topics to other profiles feature due to reports of abuse.

Klout is evolving from a service that told you how much influence you had in terms of a numerical value, to a service that now tells you why you’re influential and how you can improve on that. Starting today, users will notice a redesigned service that the company claims is the “first step” towards its vision of “helping people be known for what they love.” The original concept for Klout was never about the score, but about how to help people become more effective in social media. Slowly but surely, the company has seen its product evolve from defining what the score is, to highlighting topics someone is influential in, and then pinpointing key moments that had an impact. But one question remains constant: “How can I raise my Klout score?” This is something company CEO Joe Fernandez hopes the new version of Klout will answer.

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