iPad generates 400% more web traffic than Android tablets


Apple’s iPad has always been a popular choice amongst consumers as personal purchases oreven as gifts, but at the same time with powerful and affordable Android tablets like the Nexus 7and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, we’re sure that some Android OEMs are definitely giving Apple a run for their money. However thanks to a new Chitika report, it shows that Apple’s iPad still remains dominant as far as web traffic is concerned in the US and Canada. 

A new Chitika report continues to show that Apple’s iPad remains the number one tablet in terms of web traffic in Canada and the US. Their latest report focuses in on the peak hour for all tablets, which happens to be 9PM ET. Report Updated with Additional iPad Statistics at 11:20 PST. Chitika’s latest tablet volume graph shown below illustrates how iPad users are far and away the most active tablet user group throughout the day in North America in terms of raw volume. During the peak hour for all tablet Web usage, 9 p.m. ET, iPad users generate more than four times the Web traffic of all continental Android tablet users in the same time frame. Considering how many brands of Android tablets are the market today in Canada and the US, it’s amazing how the web usage stats continue to show that iPad users are the most active by far.

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