Hacktivists claim responsibility for major Comcast hack


Hackers broke into at least 34 servers belonging to Comcast, dumping what appears to be a list of the company’s mail servers, passwords and a link to the root file that contains the vulnerability they used to penetrate the system. The hacktivist collective NullCrew has claimed to have hacked a handful of corporations over the years, Sony, PayPal, Orange Telecom and Ford just to name a few, and took credit for the attack against Comcast Wednesday, on its official Twitter handle, @NullCrew_FTS.

Are you a Comcast customer? Please change your password. On February 6, NullCrew FTS hacked into at least 34 of Comcast’s servers and published a list of the company’s mail servers and a link to the root file with the vulnerability it used to penetrate the system on Pastebin. Comcast, the largest internet service provider in the United States, ignored news of the serious breach in press and media for over 24 hours — only when the Pastebin page was removed did the company issue a statement, and even then, it only spoke to a sympathetic B2B outlet. During that 24 hours, Comcast stayed silent, and the veritable “keys to the kingdom” sat out in the open internet, ripe for the taking by any malicious entity with a little know-how around mail servers and selling or exploiting customer data.

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