Facebook releases Lookback in celebration of its 10th birthday


As Mark Zuckerberg reflects upon Facebook’s first 10 years today, he’s encouraging the community he built to do the same. Starting this morning, hundreds of millions of Facebook users will receive a notification that a video summary of their life so far on Facebook is ready to watch. Each user’s “Look Back” compilation contains 15 or so of their most-liked photos, statuses, and life events set to a catchy tune. 

To celebrate its 10th anniversary today, Facebook released Lookback, a one-minute compilation of your finest social media moments. The result will most likely make you cry—or feel old, or like you’ve wasted your entire life doing nothing but post drelfies and status updates about your dog. You know, six in one, half a dozen in the other.  Over the strains of a tinkling piano, the video begins with a collage of your Facebook photos over the years, 90 percent of which you most likely took while drunk.

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