Designers want to blend advanced technology with affordable fashion


Welcome to the technological future — of fashion. New Yorkers got to peak into the future Wednesday evening with a tech fashion show hosted by Tech In Motion. The show, held in Chelsea’s Highline Stages Studio as part of Social Media Week, featured 3-D printed nails and handbags equipped with Bluetooth technology so they will never get lost.

For the less technologically inclined, the words “wearable tech” may conjure up images of RoboCop-esque suits, so some designers are hoping to introduce high-tech fashion that’s accessible to the average shopper. Ten companies presented their tech-conscious take on clothing and accessories at a wearable-tech fashion show Wednesday night as part of this year’s Social Media Week. The concepts included traceable shoulder bags, a light-up umbrella, 3D-printed shoes and nail art, as well as coffee-infused fabrics that can absorb odors to keep you smelling fresh. Tech in Motion, a national event series, hosted the show to bring the tech community together.

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