Concept images of Apple’s Healthbook iOS 8 app have been released


The previously rumored Healthbook iOS 8 app has been confirmed, although that may not be its actual name. However, an app like the Healthbook app that was recently described does exist and will help users keep track of their health and fitness information, but also help “boost the ecosystem of health app developers and health wearable makers.” In the future, the app may “evolve into a repository for health and fitness information,” and even “provide feedback and analysis of that data,” if allowable by regulators.

Several concept images for the rumored “Healthbook” app that may be included with iOS 8 were today published on the MacRumors forum by member CarlosGQ. According to 9to5Mac, the site that shared the original Healthbook rumors, the app mockup “vaguely” resembles the actual app that Apple is working on and thus gives some hints at what such an app might look like. Healthbook, which is a health-related app reportedly in iOS 8, is said to pull in health-related data from several sources, including Apple’s much-rumored sensor-laden iWatch and the iPhone itself. Healthbook may be able to manage and track weight loss and monitor and store fitness statistics like steps taken, calories burned, and miles walked. 

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