Cloudant announces open source Sync software libraries for Android and iOS


Cloudant has announced open source, native Sync software libraries for Android and iOS, making it easier for developers to build offline access in their mobile applications. The libraries are used to manage and replicate mobile application data on phones, tablets and other occasionally connected devices, Cloudant said Tuesday. They are immediately available under Apache License Version 2.0 for developers working with Cloudant’s NoSQL database-as-a-service. Both libraries are also compatible with Apache CouchDB.

Cloudant, the database vendor that delivers a globally distributed NoSQL cloud database, is today releasing a new open source Android library aimed at making it easier for developers to manage and replicate application data across mobile devices. Cloudant is reacting to the challenges that building applications that run on intermittently connected devices bring. Alongside the Android release, Cloudant aims to open source the iOS version by the end of this quarter. The idea of Cloudant Sync is to make it easier to enable offline access to applications. The library stores application data on the individual devices’ local database, thereby enabling application continuity when connectivity is lost. Obviously part of the proposition is that when connectivity is regained, synchronization between the device’s database and the database in the cloud automatically occurs.

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