Apple’s iWatch might not come with glucose monitoring after all


We have been hearing a lot about Apple’s rumored iWatch and how it will incorporate a bunch of health features into the device. In fact Apple’s recently hiring of biometric experts and sleep experts seems to suggest that the company is interested in incorporating such features into future products, whether or not it is an iWatch or not. Now thanks to a new report from Network World, one of the rumored features, which is glucose monitoring, will not be making it into the iWatch after all.

Apple’s iWatch has been rumored to include a glucose monitoring feature, but how that feature would be implemented is still unknown. One report from earlier this month indicated that a “Healthbook” app under development for iOS 8 will be able “to read glucose-related data,” while another report has warned not to expect glucose sensing built directly into the initial iWatch. The two reports are not necessarily conflicting given the possibility of Healthbook interfacing somehow with third-party glucose-monitoring devices, but a new report from Network World argues that the technology is indeed too early in its development to be incorporated into a mainstream consumer device such as the iWatch. 

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