Apple posts job offerings to work on “new platforms as of now unannounced”


Apple CEO Tim Cook has said several times that Apple will enter new product categories this year. Most pundits believe that means an iWatch and a new Apple TV product are on the horizon, but Apple could surprise us all with something totally different. Either way, a new job posting discovered by AppleInsider shows yet again that Apple has something big up its sleeves. 

With the debut new product categories promised by Apple in 2014 will likely come entirely new platforms, and a fresh job listing from the company discloses that such plans are in fact currently in the works. A newly advertised opening for the position of “Instrumentation Design/NPI Engineer” posted by Apple this week, and first discovered by AppleInsider, seeks a hardware expert that will help usher in the introduction of new products. That Apple is working on new products is no surprise, but the listing also mentions that the position will cover all of the company’s existing major platforms, as well as “new platforms as of now unannounced.”

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