Apple and Samsung are willing to meet again for more mediation talks


Earlier this year we had heard how Apple and Samsung had agreed to meet up to discuss settlement talks. Given that both companies have been duking it out in the courts for the past few years, we’re sure many are hoping that the talks would result in something positive. It didn’t. The reports claimed that the talks had fallen through due to both companies unable to come to an agreement, but it seems that both companies are willing to give it another go ahead of the trial which is scheduled for the 19th of March in the US.

In a court document jointly filed to the District Court for the Northern District of California late Friday, Apple and Samsung reported mediation talks had failed, but noted both parties are willing to continue discussions ahead of a patent trial scheduled to begin at the end of March. According to the filing, the parties sent high-level executives to a “full-day negotiation session” during the first week of February, but failed to reach an agreement over what will be the companies’ second high-profile patent trial in California. As reported in January, Apple and Samsung had agreed to settlement talks at the behest of presiding Judge Lucy Koh. 

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