Verizon introduces unlimited international messaging plan


Texting friends and family overseas can be pretty expensive, but Verizon doesn’t want that stopping you. Going forward, existing customers can sign up for a new $5 per month “World Messaging Unlimited” plan, which will allow users to send messages from the U.S. to others around “most of the world”.

If you like to text friends and family overseas, you know that it can be expensive — US carriers frequently charge either per text or for blocks of messages that aren’t always enough. Pricing won’t be a problem if you sign up for Verizon’s new World Messaging Unlimited plan, though. As the name implies, the $5 add-on lets you send as many messages as you like to most countries. It also drops the per-minute voice rates to a penny when calling Canada or Mexico, and 5 cents for the rest of the Americas.

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