T-Mobile will pay you $25 per person to refer friends to UnCarrier


T-Mobile is on a roll lately, paying subscriber’s ETFs with UnCarrier 4.0, and with a new move to pay for referrals to their network. For folks who refer their friends to T-Mo through a carrier switch, they can snag $25 per referral to spend at T-Mobile. If you are the type of person who usually recommends things to your friends and family, plus you are on T-Mobile, then this is a no brainer. 

T-Mobile announced today that it will pay $25 each time you successfully refer a friend to sign up for its services, though the company will limit your payout to $250 in total per year. The news follows CEO John Legere‘s announcement earlier this month that the network will pay up to $650 when you switch over from a competing carrier, a part of which will go to cover any early termination fees. To sign up for the new promotion, just register with T-Mobile and start sharing the news. The carrier even set up a Facebook plugin so you can share the news with all your friends at once. So spam away and start racking up that referral money.

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