Several Ubuntu-powered smartphones to be released this year


Canonical is currently working with various OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to bring Ubuntu-powered smartphones to the mobile market. Next to nothing is known about the devices but Canonical community manager Jono Bacon has confirmed that the devices will be coming very soon. 

The folks at Canonical are working hard to bring Ubuntu to smartphones. They have already released a beta build of the firmware for supported Android devices, while the company is actively working to bring OEMs on board who will partner up to release Ubuntu OS powered smartphones. Canonical tried getting in on the manufacturing game itself with the crowdfunded Ubuntu Edge smartphone, however it wasn’t able to reach its $32 million goal. The company’s founder recently confirmed that a high-end Ubuntu phone will be released in 2014 from a popular manufacturer and Canonical community manager Jono Bacon has dropped a hint that goes further than just one high-end device.

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