Netflix hits cable boxes in Sweden, plans to do the same in the U.S.


Netflix is now available on Swedish cable operator Com Hem’s TiVo platform. Netflix will be included through TiVo as an app, giving viewers to access to all Netflix content including Arrested Development, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad. Customers can log in with a current Netflix account or subscribe direct through their TiVo box.

Netflix is now available on yet another device — but this one is different: The video service launched an app on TiVo boxes leased by the Swedish pay TV operator Com Hem to its subscribers Monday, where results from Netflix’s local catalog are now being displayed alongside live TV programming. This is the second such deal for Netflix, which announced its first operator partnership with Virgin in the U.K. last year. Previously, Netflix wasn’t able to enter similar deals because its licensing agreements with Hollywood studios didn’t allow the company to present its content on boxes leased by operators.


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