More Windows veterans are leaving Microsoft


Jon DeVaan and Grant George, who are largely recognized as the people who saved Windows, have left Microsoft earlier this week. This adds two more people to the list of Windows veterans that are leaving the company, thus marking the end of an era for Windows.

Two of the people who saved Windows — Jon DeVaan and Grant George, who delivered Windows 7 from the jaws of Windows infamy — left the company earlier this week. Two more — Julie Larson-Green and Jensen Harris — whom many blame, er, “credit” with the Office ribbon and Windows tinker toy tiles, have found new homes buried deep in corporate nowhere land.  Steve Sinofsky jumped ship more than a year ago, probably because he was denied the Ballmer CEO brass ring. And Antoine Leblond of the original Office 95-2007/Windows 7-8 inner circle remains missing in action.

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