Microsoft re-releases its latest Surface Pro 2 firmware update


Microsoft is re-releasing its latest Surface Pro 2 firmware update today. Following issues with the update last month, the software maker pulled it to investigate and correct the problems. Initial reports revealed failed installations and battery issues in instances where the update was successful. Today’s firmware update appears to replace the existing version released in December, and is being offered to systems with or without the previous version.

Microsoft seemingly has begun rolling out at least part of an awaited firmware update for its second-generation Surface Pro 2 tablets, according to user reports on Twitter and in various online forums. However, the firmware update may be one of multiple updates or a partial update only, said sources close to the company. The firmware update some report they are seeing — designed to fix problems introduced by a faulty December 2013 update to Microsoft’s newest Intel-based tablets — seemingly is arriving in waves. Surface Pro 2 users in several countries across the world were reporting that they received an update starting the evening of January 17; others said an update arrived for download on their Surface Pro 2s on January 18.

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