Mailboxes may soon get the 21st-century update they sorely need


The introduction of the Internet has all but killed off the traditional hand-written letter, and by extension, the traditional mailbox. This doesn’t mean we no longer need mailboxes, quite the opposite. More and more people are purchasing their goods online and having the goods delivered to their home. The problem is, the vast majority of these goods are too big to fit inside a traditional mailbox. This is why mailboxes are in dire need of a  21st-century update.

Mailboxes are in desperate need of a 21st-century update, and thanks to a recently-launched Kickstarter campaign, they might finally get one. It’s no secret that ever since the advent of the Internet and email, traditional hand-written letters have disappeared almost entirely. This doesn’t, however, mean that physical mail is dying off. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. The rise of the Internet has also caused a widespread shift in the way we purchase goods, and today more and more people are ordering things online and having them shipped to their homes instead of traveling to brick-and-mortar retailers to purchase them. 

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