LoveList lets you scan products IRL and put them on Pinterest


Why bother with a gift registry or wish list, when you can just pin favorite products to a Pinterest board? With newly launched iPhone app LoveList, you can do just that, even when you’re out shopping in the real world. The app lets you quickly expand your Pinterest collections with products you find on store shelves, simply by scanning an item’s UPC barcode.

It doesn’t take NSA-level records access to figure out that Pinterest users freaking love weddings, possibly even more than they love shirtless men. They also love buying the stuff they pin (except for #fitspo, because as we all know, that’s priceless). The virtual pinboard site drives sales in a huge way. Now, a new app is enabling Pinterest users to pin their favorite products IRL just by scanning an item’s UPC barcode. It’s called LoveList, and it was created by Brad Mahler and Mark Tholking.

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